The images are devastating in the communities hit hard by the weekend tornadoes. At least 70 people have died in Kentucky.

Help is on the way from Louisiana to those in need. The United Cajun Navy is sending supplies and help. The Shreveport Volunteer Network is also gathering supplies to help those most impacted.

The folks with the Shreveport Volunteer Network says "the nation came to aid Louisiana during Hurricane Ida and we were forever grateful. Now, let’s start gathering supplies to take to Kentucky and Tennessee!"

You can click here to donate online.

The network is also taking donations of supplies which will be delivered to the area.

They also need volunteers to help collect donations at the warehouse. You can start bringing in donations on Monday and that will continue through this week, at least. The warehouse is located on the back side of the old Southpark Mall at Jewella and the Innerloop.

What Supplies Are Needed to Help Tornado Victims?

  "ready-to-eat" food

 shelter (tents, sleeping bags, tarps, etc.)

personal hygiene items


United Cajun Navy Spokesman Brian Trascher told 'Fox & Friends Weekend' the Cajun Navy has already sent a couple of big rigs to the hardest hit areas and they are working with logistics companies to get more supplies moving from Louisiana to Kentucky and other areas devastated by these storms.

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