Just as Rocky Balboa inspired the world with his perseverance and courage in the face of overwhelming opposition, Sylvester Stallone inspired the people of America last month by not accepting an offer to head the National Endowment for the Arts, stating that he’d rather devote his energies to moviemaking. Stallone has now followed through on his earlier words, bringing increased attention to the plight of soldiers reintegrating into society with a planned new feature. And he‘s going to start by cutting off Adam Driver’s arms and legs.

Deadline reports that Stallone has announced Tough as They Come as his first directorial effort since 2010’s The Expendables, with Adam Driver in the lead as U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills. One of the only soldiers to ever survive a battlefield injury necessitating a quadruple amputation, Mills was faced with a daunting road to recovery that would have been too much for a lesser man to bear when he returned home from the Middle East. He didn’t let a lack of extremities bum him out, however; rigged up to four prostheses, Mills made a fully capable life for himself with the aid of his steadfastly supportive father-in-law (to be played in the film by Stallone himself). He went on to the public-speaking circuit, where he told his extraordinary story everywhere from corporate team-building exercises in need of a morale boost, to young people who apparently weren’t terrified of armed service enough already.

Sure to court the same crowds who made American Sniper into a sleeper smash, Tough as They Come will put a face on the anonymous masses of shaken veterans. And that face will be slightly catlike.

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