The cloud of Jeffrey Tambor may have lifted from Amazon’s Transparent, but the show isn’t immediately back on its feet. New reports suggest the fifth season will likely end up delayed until 2019, while creators are considering replacing Jeffrey Tambor as Maura Pfefferman.

Even as Tambor’s exit was finalized a few weeks ago, it seems creator Jill Soloway and staff have not yet re-written Transparent Season 5 to address the loss of its central star. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that production will likely begin in December, thus pushing Season 5 to join the same 2019 club as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, True Detective and several others.

Soloway and Season 5 showruner Jill Gordon have “months to finalize a plan,” which may not include writing Tambor’s Maura Pfefferman off the series entirely. THR notes that “It remains unclear if Amazon plans to recast the character” rather than write Maura out of the series, which could afford the opportunity for a trans performer to take over. The series has faced scrutiny for the cisgender Tambor’s portrayal of a trans character, and the actor himself said of a 2016 Emmy win that “I would very much like to be the last cisgender male playing a transgender female. I think we are there now.”

In the wake of revelations about Tambor’s history of sexual harassment, star Trace Lysette and writer Our Lady J also called for Transparent to highlight a more generalized trans perspective, rather than continue on with Tambor’s character. It may be some time before Transparent reveals details of its revamped fifth season, so stay tuned.

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