A Troy wide receiver who upset LSU fans by taunting them with obscene gestures will reportedly be disciplined.

Trash talk and intimidation has always been a part of football (and most sports in general) but many are saying what one Troy player did on Saturday night was flat out disrespectful and crossed the line.

LSU definitely got embarrassed by Troy on their home turf by the score of 21-24, but Trojans wide receiver Alvin Bryant was less than a good sport about it, grabbing his crotch, extending his middle fingers and mouthing obscene gestures.

His coach is apparently aware.

I was made aware of the video of Alvin Bryant, and I am extremely disappointed in his actions. This type of behavior will not be tolerated in our program, and he will face immediate disciplinary actions. It is unfortunate that I have to address the behavior of one individual after a significant victory for our football program. However, it is important that our young men understand the consequences of their decisions and actions.

Some may argue that Bryant wasn't the only one taunting LSU for losing their homecoming game to an underdog team like Troy, especially with the tweet sent out by the school's official Twitter account after the game.


Do you think Troy showed poor sportsmanship or is it all fun and part of the game?

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