This video is simply adorable.

Traveling isn't easy. Hurry up and wait aspect of air travel stinks. Hurry to the airport 2 hours early, wait in line at TSA. Keep the TSA line moving, keep stripping down and moving along where's your purse? Okay, now we have an hour to kill until the flight leaves. Boarding has begun get to the front of the line so we can store our carryon! Okay, now we sit for 3 hours. Okay, short lay over have to run to my next terminal.


With all that being said, when it comes time for vacation. I'll take the crappy 6 hour experience of the airport, over the 20 hour drive every single time.

Side note: It's hard to watch this video and not think about how I proposed to my wife. She arrived at the airport and I was wearing my best suit, as she left the terminal I gave her a big hug and kiss. Then took her home and proposed to her via a scavenger hunt.

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