WHAT A TRUE PRO! A bloody pro, but a pro nonetheless.

Anytime I write about or share a news bloopers, I always do it with one single thought in my mind. And that is, "Thank God I'm in radio". The truth is, most radio DJ's has a blooper or seven during every single show. Of course, most of the time, no one ever knows since no one can actually see us.

I thank the Lord for this truth every day, otherwise, I would probably have a million viral blooper videos.

This one, though, is a little different than the standard news blooper.

In this one, it's not an accidental cuss word, or a stumble through speech, it's downright gross, but somehow utterly impressive.

In this clip, we see a news anchor literally go through a nose bleed live on the air? The best part? It doesn't phase him one bit.

You have to see this!


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