They say when you travel the world, you are a representative of your home.  An unofficial ambassador, of sorts.  Basically, of you are nice, then the locals think folks from the same neck of the woods as you are nice .  If that's true, I wonder what the people of Taiwan think of us after "Traveling Butt" Instagram couple Travis and Joseph Dasilva made a stop at sacred Wat Arun in the Taiwanese capitol of Bangkok.

You read that right, this couple travels the world taking pictures of some of the most historic and culturally important sights - with their bare glutes featured in the foreground of every single shot.  I won't show you the picture here (because I like my job), butt if you want to see the definitely NSFW pictures - click here.  The problem is, while it may be fun and even encouraged in some countries - it was not a laugh riot at the beloved and sacred Temple of the Sun.  French maps show that the Buddhist Temple dates back to at least the reign of King Narai in the seventeenth century and is thought to have existed during the time of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya which could make it close to 700 years old.  It's the former home for the Emerald Buddha, named after the Hindu god Arun, and to say that it's a big deal would be a huge understatement.  There are signs asking visitors to wear modest clothes that cover the knees and shoulders.

The post has been deleted and an edited version has replaced it, but that's not good enough for the authorities. The couple were detained at the airport by immigration police as they were attempting to leave the county earlier this week.  Although initial reports claimed that pair would be issued a fine of approximately $150 a piece, ABC news is now reporting that they are still in jail and may be facing a longer sentence. They have also reportedly reached out to San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez in an effort to get the aid of U.S. authorities.


Wat Arun Descent
Getty Images

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