Zoosiana now has, not one, but two of the cutest lion cubs ever! At two and a half months old, the cubs are playful and delighted to call Acadiana home.

Zoosiana invites you to visit the zoo's lion habitat (near the entrance) where you'll find its two newest residents. A male and female pair of cubs that have yet to be named.


Zoosiana is asking for Acadiana's help to pick the 'purrrfect' names for the two young cubs. -Zoosiana in a Thursday press release

Suggestions can be made on the zoo's Facebook or Instagram page.

Once collected, Zoosiana will offer the top three suggestions for a vote by the community.-Zoosiana in a Thursday press release

Zoosiana, located in Broussard, is the wildest spot in Acadiana! Stretching across 42-acres. The staff of Zoosiana love their animals and attractions and enjoy sharing them with all of Acadiana. Zoosiana is located at the intersection of Highway 90 and Ambassador Caffery Parkway and is open from 9 am-5 pm daily, weather permitting. For more information visit them on Facebook, Instagram, or Zoosiana.com.


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