Two people were killed as they took part in a gender reveal party in Mexico when the plane they were in crashed into the ocean.

According to reports from Global News, the incident occured as a family was having their gender reveal party on a boat off of the coast of Cancun, Mexico. The airplane was to fly over the group while a pink banner trailed from the aircraft, indicating that the expectant couple was having a girl.


As the airplane was flying overhead, someone in the video can be heard saying (in Spanish), "As long as it does not fall on us". Moments later, the airplane was in distress.

After the airplane flew over the group with the banner flying, it went into a nosedive and was in the ocean in a matter of seconds.

Mexican officials said that the crash killed both the pilot and the co-pilot, the only two reported as being on the aircraft.

In what appears to be just a freak accident, this incident does come on the heels of some other gender reveal parties gone wrong: pipe bombs, cannons, wildfires, and cars catching fire are just a few of the reported incidents associated with the parties.

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