24/7 Wall St recently posted an article that got my attention. Of course segregation is very real and occurs in some fashion in every single city you look at. What was surprising to me is how segregated our state is, compared to the rest of the country.

In this article, 24/7 Wall St pointed out 16 of the most segregated cities in the country and Louisiana cities took two spots in that list.

Baton Rouge came in thirteenth while New Orleans nearly landed in the top-5, ranking sixth.

In both of these cities, and I the number is similar throughout the state, the black poverty rate is at 30% while the white poverty rate is at 10%.

Doug McIntyre, who is the Editor-In-Chief at 24/7 Wall St (and also much smarter than me), wrote about how and why this happens. He says, "You have sections of the city that are very heavily white and very heavily black. Black families tend to be more impoverished. They tend to have lower income. They tend to have lower education and worse health outcomes."

He continued by saying, "A city that is highly segregated makes it harder for people in the minority to have their situations improve over time.”

To read the full article and see every city broke down individually, click HERE.


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