Credit card skimmers terrify me.  It's one of the most devious and cunning ways thieves today steal your hard earned money.  It seems that this electronic crime wave has hit the Shreveport / Bossier City area hard.  In October of last year, I reported on the rash of cutting edge ATM thefts using the new technology.  Since then, the reported use of them has skyrocketed!

The latest arrests came Friday as two Austin, Texas residents were caught on security cameras using multiple bank cards to purchase gift cards at a Bossier City Walmart. Detectives stopped and arrested Adalberto Ramos and Emicel Artigas and, upon searching the individuals and their vehicles, found plenty of evidence.  All-in-all, the officers found multiple cloned bank cards and the recently purchased gift cards on them, and 20 more cloned cards, a skimmer, multiple thumb drives and a laptop that could be used to make more cloned cards in their vehicle.  After a more intense search, officers found a key used to gain access to gas pumps so that a skimmer could be placed inside.

The men are currently in the Bossier Parish Maximum Security Facility.  They are being charged with monetary instrument abuse.

Officials suggest that you give each and every card reader a good shake before you use it.  If it is loose, don't use it.  Move on and report the issue right away.

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