We are basically one month into the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season and already we have had four named storms. Dolly was a very short-lived whisper of a subtropical system that you probably didn't hear much about last week but it still counts as a named system.

If we have learned anything from this first month of the season it's that the next several months are going to be busy as well. Tropical forecasters are currently monitoring two different areas of disturbed weather in the tropical Atlantic Basin.

The one closest to the United States is located just east of the Carolina Coast. Forecasters are giving this system a 20% probability of development over the next five days. However, the forecast motion of this system will carry it parallel to the Eastern Seaboard and this should keep it far enough offshore to pose any problems for the upcoming holiday weekend.

The second system is in the lower latitudes of the tropics east of South America and very near the equator. Forecasters do not give this system that strong of a chance to develop either. The current forecast probability is about 20% for development over the next five days.

The motion of this system could carry it toward the Lesser Antilles as time goes on. However, the system might fall apart before it has the ability to affect any landmass of significance.


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