I can say with confidence, if you're on Tinder in Shreveport, you have ran into each one of these girls.

I was in a very long relationship for my entire adult life. After eight years, I was single again and must say, dating is weird these days. Out of all the dating sites available, Tinder is possibly the largest and full of a little bit of everything.

During your time on Tinder in Shreveport, you will come across anything and everything, so I've decided to break Tinder down into the ten types of girls you will find there.

Also, I would like to write the same list but for guys you find on Tinder, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way.


  • 1

    The Fake Girl

    This lady (or possible man) is EVERYWHERE on Shreveport Tinder. She generally has a very weird name, and an over-the-top photo(s). Sadly fellas, this supermodel is not in Shreveport on Tinder, and she most definitely doesn't want to date you.

  • 2

    The Not Looking for a Hookup Girl

    This girl is not here for your games or your silly pick-up lines. She's on Tinder for business only so don't waste her time. Her bio most likely makes this crystal clear.

  • 3

    The Only Looking for a Hookup Girl

    She's the complete opposite of girl #2. She wants the fun and she wants it right away, and she doesn't want a single string attached. You'll have fun with her, but don't you dare catch feelings.

  • 4

    The Add Me on Instagram Girl

    For some girls. Instagram is life. That is the case for this girl. More than a relationship or a meaningful existence, this girl only craves a boosted Instagram account. Her bio will direct you to her Insta, and don't worry, she definitely won't be following you back.

  • 5

    The Premium Snapchat Girl

    Much like girl #4, this lady is not trying to match with you for anything other than a social media boost. This girl has hustle though, so instead of a follower count, she's looking at the bank account. Believe it or not, you can actually talk with this girl, it's just going to cost you $15 a month if you're dumb enough to pay for it.

  • 6

    The Which Girl Are You Girl

    This girl is everywhere on Tinder these days. She generally has 4-5 pictures on her Tinder, the only problem is, she's never alone in ANY OF THEM. Which girl are you girl???

  • 7

    The My Friends Make Me Get Tinder Girl

    This girl recently went through a pretty bad break-up. Her friends, being the true friends they are, decided to set her up with an account on the cesspool known as Tinder. What can go wrong? Sadly, unless you match with this girl early on, other guys on Tinder would have gotten to her first and ruined it... Now she hates the app and any guy on it, including you.

  • 8

    The Different Person in Person Girl

    Sometimes posting misleading pictures on your account can backfire, and it definitely will once you meet-up with this girl. I'm not saying the pictures you loved on her account aren't actually her, they're just showing a different version of her than you will see in person.

  • 9

    The Definitely In a Relationship Girl

    Oh man, I could do some serious damage right now to a lot of relationships, but I will hold back from saying any names. I'm going to tell you all straight-up though, this girl is all over Tinder. Girls you know who are, without a doubt, in a relationship currently... Getting their swipe on. Watch out for these!

  • 10

    The Open Relationship Girl

    I don't know what all I can say about this girl other than she is down for a lot more than most. She'll generally post pictures with her significant other, and tell you how they are both just looking for fun. You might enjoy yourself with the open relationship you've somehow matched with, just make sure you're comfortable in front of a camera.

  • 11

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