I have been lucky enough to DJ in Shreveport-Bossier for nine years now. I have DJ'd countless events, bars, and nightclubs, and through the years, I've noticed several different types of girls that interact with the DJ.

Of course, I love all of them and this list is sincerely meant for a laugh, so please don't be offended if you're one of these girls!


  • 1

    The "Too Drunk To Formulate Sentences" Girl

    Ah yes, this girl is out every single weekend. As much as I would love to play her song, I can't fully understand what she's asking for. She will continue to try and formulate a sentence, but it will just get worse to the point where you think she may have a severe speech impediment. This girl typically gets aggravated and stumbles out of the DJ booth, or pulled away by her friends.

  • 2

    The "Can You Charge My Phone?" Girl

    This girl appears quite often, usually in downtown Shreveport since the bars are open until 6:00 AM. I feel for her, I know her friends expect to see those late night Snapchat stories, but I'm a DJ, not a wall outlet. She will probably be OK with you not having a charger for her, because she has a backup plan and that is to go ask the nearest bartender for one.

  • 3

    The "Can You Play A Line Dance?" Girl

    As any DJ in Shreveport will tell you, this girl is by far the most common in the Ark-La-Tex. This girl usually sits by the dance floor, just waiting for the DJ to play Wobble so she can dance for 5 minutes then go sit back down until Cupid Shuffle comes on. She'll also ask for K-Wang a minimum of twenty times a night.

  • 4

    The "Can You Just Play It Off My Phone?" Girl

    As a DJ, and someone who has invested thousands of dollars into equipment and songs, this girl may be the most frustrating. To assume that a DJ would be happy to plug in your cellphone to play your favorite song that no one else knows using an aux cord is just a silly expectation. This girl is usually angry and ready to fight once you tell her the bad news. She doesn't care about your expensive sound system, she only wants hundreds of people to hear a random song she discovered after binge-listening to Pandora for three hours.

  • 5

    The "Just Play It Again" Girl

    This girl is a frequent of most SBC establishments. She does not understand the flow of a bar or nightclub, and views it as her car instead of a place where hundreds of other people are trying to have a good time. If you play her favorite song, and she was in the bathroom or outside smoking, she will march to the DJ booth and demand you play it again because it's her favorite song. You must resist the urge to play it again, because everyone else in the club will riot and attempt to murder you. She will be pissed, but that's the price you pay.

  • 6

    The "Everyone Will Dance, I Promise" Girl

    I've had run-ins with this girl on a nightly basis for nearly a decade. She is an amusing one, because she truly believes she's better at your job than you are. She will ask you for a song that either no one knows or no one likes, and you'll be nice and make up some excuse why you can't play it. The next thing she will say is, "C'mon, everyone will dance to it, I promise." Most likely she has less than one-minute of DJ experience in her lifetime, but believes she knows exactly what the crowd wants. When you don't play her song, she will storm out and head to the another club. Say a prayer for the next DJ in her path.

  • 7

    The "Can I Have The Microphone?" Girl

    This girl truly believes in her heart that the rest of the club wants to hear her drunk gibberish. She wants that microphone at all costs and will stop at nothing to get it in an attempt to (badly) sing along with Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". Please, for the love of God, do not give this woman that microphone. It will end it chaos and destruction, and maybe a few bloody eardrums.

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