According to USA Today, former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu recently told an NFL coach that he failed at least ten drug tests while playing for Coach Les Miles' nationally ranked Tigers. 'I quit counting at ten', the unnamed assistant said Mathieu responded to a question about his troubled time in Baton Rouge.

So here are the questions: If the rules regarding failed tests are going to be ignored, why test at all? The LSU team policy, by the way, allows two failed tests. So are you surprised and / or concerned that the team doesn't have a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs? If you're a parent whose son or daughter is being courted by the Tiger athletic department, do you believe a coach who says the school has your child's best interest's at heart?

And, finally, maybe the toughest - and certainly the most controversial - question of all: Which do you think is worse? The Rutgers coach (recently fired Mike Rice) who swore and angrily threw basketballs at his players, or Les Miles, a football coach who allegedly looked the other way when one of his players (and who knows how many others)  was regularly and heavily involved in drugs? When the Rutgers scandal came to light, the school let the coach go. If Tyrann Mathieu is telling the truth, is it time for LSU to do the same?

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