The U.S. Marine Corps are one of the, if not the, toughest fighting force in the world. The devil dogs are actually older than the United States of America itself, being formed on Nov. 10th, 1775.  Throughout the long and distinguished years of service, the USMC has adopted new techniques, equipment, and strategies to aid them in their undying defense of this nation and it's interests.

ABC reports that on Monday, they will continue that tradition by welcoming the first female Marine to serve as an infantry officer.  The identity of this soon-to-be infantry officer has not yet been released.  She will be the first female to complete ground combat specialty training since it was first opened up to women in April of 2016.

She will join 2 female Army Rangers that graduated back in 2015, but no decision has been made on actually allowing them to serve in combat operations at this time.

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