This week, hundreds if not thousands of Bossier residents were treated to quite the strange sight in the skies. Here's what I believe you all witnessed.

Let me begin that I am a skeptic when it comes to any and all UFO activity. I am skeptical of pretty much any video evidence, just because it is so easy to photoshop these days. I'm sure there's an app in the App Store right now that can seamlessly layer in UFOs into the background of your video in about four seconds.

Now, having said that, I have been hearing for WEEKS about some weird s**t happening in the skies of Bossier City. Granted, I still was a little skeptical...

Then Sunday night happened...

By definition, what thousands of residents saw in the skies, were actual UFO's. Now, when people see or hear "UFOs" they quickly jump to aliens. I'm not saying aliens at all, but no one can deny that the multiple blinking lights and strangely-moving objects in the sky last night were unidentified flying objects.

So, what exactly were those things? Based on your guesses online, the community seems to agree it's one of three things: Barksdale Air Force Base trying out new drone-technology. Blackhawk helicopters. Aliens getting ratchet with us in the Port City.

Sadly, no one (that I've seen) has stated the most obvious explanation. Trust me, when you read the next line you'll be disappointed in yourself for not knowing exactly what that was in our skies.

It was obviously a handful of military drones fixing a leak in our #BarksdaleBubble. Do you think weather in Shreveport in early January is this perfect without the help of a properly functioning #BarksdaleBubble? Thank God for those repair drones being sent up last night, who knows how cold and nasty it would be in the Ark-La-Tex today without that much-needed repair job.


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