A boil advisory that was set for a section of Bossier City has been lifted, according to Arklatexhompage.com.  On Thursday (June 21st), city officials issued the advisory due to concerns the water may not be entirely safe for consumption.  Repair crews were forced to shut off a valve on Shed road.  That caused low water pressure for residents in the area adjacent to Debra Street and James Street.

Officials asked residents in the area to boil tap water meant for consumption for at least 1 minute in order to ensure the purity of the water.  Depending upon a number of factors (including the age and materials used to make the water carrying pipe) low water pressure can introduce a number of contaminates into the water piped into your home that could make you sick.

Now that the repairs have been completed and water quality tests have been conducted (and passed), city leaders say it is safe to enjoy a tall glass of Bossier City Tap water once again.

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