Update: Early this morning, I received a message from Chevy's owner, Matt Jones. Sadly, Chevy has been found, but not in the way they would have liked to have found him. This beloved family pet was found dead last night after being hit by a vehicle near Bert Kouns, 3 miles from their new home. The family was able to bring Chevy home and lay him to rest.

My heart is breaking for this family. Our pets are family and Chevy was clearly cherished. Matt, Jennifer and Abigael, I hope you find comfort in that Chevy has finally found his way home over the rainbow bridge.

Thank you to everyone who shared Chevy's story in an effort to find him. I know both myself and Chevy's family appreciate it.

Original story posted April 19, 2018:

My name is Chevy, I'm a black and white Basset Hound mix and my owner is frantically searching for me!

Matt Jones reached out to me yesterday wanting help finding his family's precious companion. They moved to their new home near Evangel over the weekend and Chevy got out. They've looked everywhere and haven't had any luck. Matt and his family are really scared because Chevy isn't familiar with their new home or neighborhood. I consider all of my fur babies part of my family so I understand how Matt feels!

With that being said, can you help us get the word out? Chevy's family really misses him and they know that the more people who are looking for him, the better! I'd also like to personally ask all of my friends at area shelters and rescues to keep an eye out just in case anyone brings Chevy in. Chevy was wearing the same red collar when he got out that he's wearing in the photo above.

If you have any information about Chevy's whereabouts, please contact Matt by email at mattjones86@hotmail.com. Thank you in advance for your help returning this sweet angel to his loving family!

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