There are some huge shows heading to our area and at KVKI, we're all about that little something extra... like free tickets!

Here's the deal. Dancing with the Stars Live, Lauren Daigle and Cher are all coming to town and we have a fat stack of tickets for each of the shows! So, in an effort to help folks who aren't able to call in to win stuff during the day at work, we decided we'd even the playing field by offering these tickets as a KVKI Lagniappe App Exclusive!

So, how do you win? We're so glad you asked! Here's what you do!

1. Download the free KVKI app and make sure you've enabled notifications.

2. Keep your phone or device with the KVKI app near you. We'll be sending contest notifications for at least one of the shows each day through 3/5.

3. When you see a notification come across for the show you're interested in seeing, ENTER TO WIN!

To make things even easier, enter every single time you see the notification for the event you're interested in going to. Why? Because we want to reward our loyal listeners who've had the free KVKI app the longest. Each notification is its own contest. For example, you receive a notification to enter to win tickets to see Cher. Enter that day by midnight and we'll announce the winner for that pair of tickets the next day. The next time you see an app notification about entering to win Cher tickets, it's a whole new contest and another chance to win! Easy, right? So make sure you download the free KVKI app now to increase your chance to win! We'll be contesting through midnight Thursday, March 5th!

Here are our lucky KVKI Lagniappe App Exclusive winners so far!

Dancing with the Stars Live!:
Jennifer Biggins (2/27)
Aline Blair (2/28)
Delani Hinton (3/2)
Julie Austin (3/3)
Haley Renee Cook (3/4)

And we had an extra ELEVEN pairs of tickets that showed up last minute and here are our lucky KVKI winners going to Dancing with the Stars Live!:
Josie Trahan, Margaret Fletcher, Bethany Stockman, Melissa Hughes, Jennifer Valdez, Sarah Stewart, Stephen Garlington, Sonja Pyles, Stacy Farley, Patricia Mitchell, and Crystal Porterfield.

Lauren Daigle:
Denise Fletcher (2/27)
Connie Nowlin (2/28)
Angela Friday-Benfield (3/1)
Lauren Brian (3/2)
Carol Frazier (3/3)
Ella Lane (3/4)
Kim Washington (3/4)

Sheila Pessarra (2/27)
Donna Sindle (2/29)

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