Residents of Cajun Country are some of the most resourceful people in the world, and here is the proof.

Hurricane Delta did a number on Lafayette and throughout south Louisiana, and wind was the most damaging factor in the storm. Delta's wind gusts downed trees, took out power lines, and ripped away shingles, rooftops, and just about anything that wasn't tied down tight enough to endure gusts over 75 mph.

Families began to assess damages at first light and many picked up branches and fixed what they could in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Other's used plywood and tarps to cover up their damaged property from the elements.

But one family in upper Lafayette took things to a whole new level.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

When I noticed the tarp while driving down Gloria Switch Road I did an immediate double-take. When I realized what it was I had to stop and snap a picture.

I have no idea why or how this family had this massive Bud Light sign just hanging around, but it fit perfectly and was a shining example that Cajuns can (and almost always will) find a way to use EVERYTHING.

Hats off to this family for bringing us a little bit of light after the storm, and if anyone asks you why you choose to remain here in south Louisiana when we have so many hurricanes, tell them because it's "always worth it."


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