Despite a move to Fridays, The Vampire Diaries has thrived long enough to earn itself an early eighth season renewal, even as recent comments from series star Ian Somerhalder suggested next year might be the last for Stefan and Damon. Not so, at least yet, as the Vampire Diaries star walks back his prior statement, leaving the decision up to The CW.

Franchise fans grew aflutter when Somerhalder stated at Sunday’s WalkerStalkerCon panel that “We have decided to do one last season to really do the story justice,” even as The CW quickly replied that “no decision has been made” beyond the confirmed eighth season. The next run may yet prove the last, though Somerhalder clarified the confusion over Twitter:

Hey all, so… Last weekend I talked to an audience at a Q&A about the end of #TVD and how excited I was to make what I believe - my last year - be as great as possible. Somehow in my infinite wisdom and end-of-season foggy brain, I managed to make it sound like the show was coming to an end. Cut-to the press running stories that the show would be done after Season 8. Thing is, the people who actually make that decision (the CW and WB) haven’t made it yet! So let’s take things one step at a time: Season 7 wrap, vacation, lots of sleep, let the writers get started on Season 8, and then we’ll all see where we go from there. Until then, much love ;)

In that instance at least, Somerhalder sounds closer to deciding his own future with the series, rather than announcing its outright end. After all, Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries behind after Season 6, while Kat Graham also recently confirmed Season 8 would be her last as Bonnie Bennett.

The CW will likely clarify matters from the May Upfront, but might The Vampire Diaries come to an end after all? If not, how many more main characters should it suffer?

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