The storm that shocked some of the brightest forecasters in the nation by unexpectedly becoming a very strong Category 2 hurricane, one mph stronger and she would have been a Category 3 hurricane, produced higher winds and a greater storm surge for the southwest coastlines of Louisiana and Mississippi than expected.

Zeta made landfall late afternoon Wednesday, October 28 with 110 mph winds, higher in gusts. Her storm surge has brought water up over 11 feet in some areas along the coastlines of Louisiana and Mississippi.

This morning there is video of the Golden Nugget Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi showing the vehicles in the parking garage being swallowed up by the raging waters of Hurricane Zeta.

In 2020, I think we can all agree, we're so numb to bad happenings we've become numb to just about everything. I do hope you're sitting down when you read this next line. There is an area of disturbed weather in the western Caribbean Sea that is expected to have the potential to spin up into yet another tropical cyclone. That part of the ocean is a typical hotbed for development this time of the year, so it's not totally unexpected to see tropical formation late in the season. If this area of disturbed weather becomes a named storm, she will be called Eta.

For those of you thinking Zeta would be the last storm of the 2020 hurricane season, not so fast, it may not be over just yet. We'll have to wait and see.

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