Here's a semi-viral video that while lacking information, is just too incredible not to share.

Today, I was scrolling along through Facebook as I typically do once or twice during the day. I'm not generally on Facebook for any reason other than to see if anything is breaking-type local news. Or really anything that I deem worthy enough to take up a spot on this website.

Today, I found something I couldn't even believe.

The video, which unfortunately does not include audio, shows one of the wildest things I've ever seen. In the very short clip, we see a Louisiana State Trooper in a marked Tahoe unit, pushing another car down the road at an incredibly high rate of speed.

Now, as to why this Trooper was pushing the car, I cannot tell you with complete certainty. The Facebook user who uploaded the clip claimed the car broke down on the CCC heading into New Orleans, however, I have been unable to confirm that. It would make since, though, as the Crescent City Connection is a rather long bridge with high-speed traffic, and not a lot of room outside of motor lanes. So, I could realistically believe that a Trooper would want to get that stalled car off of that bridge as quickly as possible.

Once again, though, I cannot confirm if that is indeed true. As anyone with a Facebook would tell you, it's not always the most accurate news source. If I get the reasoning confirmed, I will update this article.

Check it out!



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