Things got really ugly after a Texas high school football player was ejected from a game at Edinburg High School. The official took a blind-side hit from a player and is being evaluated for a concussion.

You can also see the coverage on Twitter below via @ByAndyMcCulloch followed by the video of the incident posted by @_7santiago

In the video, you can see the referee announce the ejection of a player, followed by the player running back onto the field to blindside hit the referee.

According to the follow up post by @ByAndyMcCulloch the referee was hit by the very same player that hit him. The ref struggled to get up, as the game continued with the hopes of a fill-in referee to join the crew.

With the player in question off of the premises, we can hope that this game continues on without further incident.

Some on Twitter are not happy with the video...

Hopefully there are consequences for whoever is responsible in this situation. I am not sure how an ejected player is allowed to get back onto the field after a referee has told you to leave. But, you have to remember that these are high-school football players that are filled with adrenaline.

Crazy things happen, but this one should not have.

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