There’s a pretty neat-sounding movie that’s been quietly in the works for a few months: Kristen Stewart signed on to Underwater back in February, which is described as an Armageddon-like action-thriller that centers around a submarine crew, an earthquake, and a fight for survival. If you’re a fan of famous French actors and/or Black Swan, get excited, because Vincent Cassel has officially joined the crew.

And that’s not all. Along with Cassel, Iron Fist’s Jessica Henwick and Deadpool’s T.J. Miller have also been cast, as Cassel revealed on his Instagram on Tuesday:

From the looks of things, Cassel will be playing the captain of the expedition, with Miller and Henwick no doubt fellow members of the crew. Stewart’s character is described as “a jaded and hardened crewmember,” which puts her in the league of Charlize Theron- or Sigourney Weaver-type female action heroes. She’s already shaved her head in preparation for the role, and it looks like filming has just begun.

I’m not sure what kind of “talisman” that thing is in Miller’s Instagram, but it might be part of their ship, or something they find down there in the deep. According to THR’s initial report on the film:

Underwater centers on an underwater scientific crew that, after facing an earthquake, are forced to go on a dangerous journey for survival. The story has been described as an underwater Armageddon.

It’s directed by Will Eubank, whom you might recognize from his previous films The Signal and Love (the one about the astronaut). Eubank’s work has a distinctly weird, Twilight Zone feel to it, and his next film, while dressed up like an action-thriller, will probably follow suit.

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