Police have made one arrest in connection to a wild brawl out of Baton Rouge that has gone viral on social media.

There is honestly so much going on this video that I literally see something new every time I play it back, but the gist of the clip is the fact that while a large brawl is taking place near Evangeline Street a sedan flies into the frame, sending bodies flying before coming to screeching halt.

There were no less than 10 people fighting in the street when the car barreled through the crowd. The car door was soon pulled open as a woman began fighting with the driver. In the midst of all of the chaos, there were other people who were helping those who were hurt from being hit by the car.

Somehow, the driver finds a way back into the vehicle when a bat meets his windshield, shattering it repeatedly. Still, the driver mashes on the gas and seems to crash into more vehicles as he drives away.

According to The Advocate, one arrest has been made so far but more may be forthcoming. Read the full report here.

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