You would think he'd have a good chance considering the French ties between Canada and Louisiana, but no, he failed miserably.

Who am I to judge? I've lived in Louisiana my entire life and there's still a handful of Louisiana cities I butcher every single time I attempt to pronounce them. Atchafalaya, Mowata, and Tangipahoa certainly come to mind.

However, like most of my fellow Louisianians, I can pronounce most of our cities and always take great pleasure watching an outsider try to nail our pronunciations. After all, we know the names Grosse Tete, Natchitoches, and Opelousas very well. Outsiders on the other hand, well these words might as well be gibberish.

A Canadian TikTok user, Kopke613, recently decided to try his hand at pronouncing our lovely cities. On his video, he takes on many of our favorites including Plaquemine, Tangipahoa, Ponchatoula, and many more. One of his fans challenged him to pronounce Louisiana cities and went a step further by predicting he couldn't successfully pronounce ten of them.

After watching the viral video, I believe he got three correct, and one of those was the wonderfully-named Northwest Louisiana town of Kickapoo. God bless Kickapoo.

Also, after watching the video, it's clear the user is trying extra-hard to make his pronunciations funny instead of accurate, which became very clear after his attempt at Opelousas came out as "Oppie-Loose-Ass". And yes, I'm filing a petition to make his pronunciation the correct one for Opelousas moving forward.

Still, it's a funny TikTok that didn't make me cringe, as opposed to the other 90% of content on the social media platform.


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