Maybe the tweet wasn't an accident after all?

This past weekend the official Twitter account of the Pope tweeted out a message that gave a subtle shout out to the New Orleans Saints.

You see, when the hashtag #Saints is used on Twitter, a fleur-de-lis New Orleans Saints logo automatically appears once the message is published. Of course, Saints fans had a field day with it—especially after the Saints pulled off a win on the road in Jacksonville.

Was it divine intervention? Or just a humorous accident by the Pope?

Well, for those who thought it was just a coincidence you should take a look at this video.

That's right, the Vatican was literally transformed into Champion's Square in a playoff atmosphere. I swore I saw someone with a hand grenade in the crowd.

This is just another reason why I love the internet and the Who Dat Nation. Share this with anyone who loves the Black & Gold and a good laugh.

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