We are all struggling the day after Halloween. Of course this year we are feeling it just a little bit more. Why? Halloween fell on a Sunday night and it made Monday morning ten times harder.

All of my friends who have kids dealt with their children trying to skip out of going to school this morning and honestly I can't blame them. The sugar rush hit hard no doubt, could it be that your kids are experiencing a form of a hangover? A "Halloween hangover"?

Kim and Penn Holderness are always ready to tackle the hilarity of real life. This time they took two things they know a lot about, their kids and hangovers, and made what I think is a hit.

What made this music video go viral in less than 12 hours? Their parody perfectly described every single one of us the Monday post-Halloween.

Did it hurt when you stayed up too late drinking stealing your kid's Halloween candy only to wake up with a real adult hangover? WE already know the answer to that. Absolutely.

How hard was it to get your kids in the car to make it to school on time? Did someone accidentally use Neosporin instead of toothpaste? Let's just hope we all made it to school and work on time. Did we learn our lesson for next year? Probably not. Let's revisit this tune next year around the same time.

May we all survive this extra hard Monday, this viral video reminded us all we are in the struggle together.


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