Food delivery service Waitr goes public on the NASDAQ stock exchange Friday. The company started in Louisiana in 2013 and has since expanded into over 230 cities in the southeast. CEO Chris Meaux said services like Waitr have opened restaurant owners to the idea of using third-party delivery companies.

"Over the next five years, you're going to see ways that technology will change the front of the house operations of a restaurant. That's going to allow restaurants to see more value out of those companies with cost savings," said Meaux.

Meaux said restaurants will not only see cost savings but continued growth of revenue with delivery companies such as Waitr.

"We feel like we'll be in a position to be a leader in that space and continue to do the things that we do now and hopefully add to the value that we bring restaurants today," said Meaux.

Meaux said the company is working with legislators to possibly add alcohol delivery to the service in the future. He says there is plenty of value in that type of additional service.

"It will keep people off of the roads who might have been drinking, and so we believe it'll be a positive for Louisiana and a positive for our citizens if customers can order alcohol with there food and have Waitr deliver it," said Meaux.

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