No matter what you need from the store, Walmart is going to have it! From the everyday milk, bread, eggs, pencils and medication to the wild Halloween decorations, Christmas tree and motor oil, you're going to find it in a Walmart! With so many stores selling so many items, this company has to be on top of its best sellers for each region and city so that they'll have plenty in stock when consumers enter the front doors, shop and open their wallets to pay.

With access to so much data, Walmart crunched their inventory and sales numbers this past August and came up with the top selling item from each state and shared it with Business Insider. Looking at the map below, some things are rather bizarre, like traffic cones, they are the biggest seller in Tennessee and dumbbells are a big hit in New Jersey! While baby products do well in Arkansas, in Louisiana raisins are the biggest seller and if you're invited to a wedding in Texas, chances are those invitations came from a Walmart!

I'd like to know how many wedding invitation orders were placed in Texas to be the most popular item in the store!

To learn what each product is, jump over to Business Insider and roll over an image to see a description!

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