Amazon can help you knock out that to-do list.

In my small, humble world, Amazon is a magical place you can order things and they arrive on your doorstep. However, the e-commerce site is so much more than that. You can get just about anything on Amazon, including a clean home. Maybe I'm late to the party here, but Amazon's Home Services section can help you clean, organize and outfit your home.

It's like Craiglist, but I feel much safer about the whole situation.

I first saw the Deep Cleaning/Spring Cleaning service on I'm pretty good at keeping up with my house on a regular basis, but having someone deep clean would be a dream come true. Especially when it comes base boards and blinds. These seem like easy tasks until you're about a quarter of the way through and you feel like it will never end.

Amazon doesn't stop there though.

You can also find people who will help you mount your television to your wall, assemble that patio furniture, or set up that new treadmill you bought because 'new year, new me.' There are also options for home improvement, organization, landscaping and more. I'm sure you can also find someone to walk your dog or run your errands.

Maybe Amazon is the new personal assistant?

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