The world watched as the U.S. Capitol was breached by Trump supporters yesterday, but residents of Washington D.C. got a front row seat as their home city was violated. A video from the streets of D.C. show just how furious those that live in our nation's capitol were.

Check out the video *that contains NSFW language* posted to Twitter by @VtheEsquire below

As you can see in the video, a Washington D.C. resident is standing on his front porch as sirens of authorities can be heard in the background. Obviously fed up with everything happening around him, he commiserates with another fellow citizen as she drives by.

The passerby agrees with the furious resident, as tears come into her eyes. They both yell out for a minute in frustration with everything happening around them.

After everything that happening in our nation's capitol yesterday, the viewpoint of a Washington D.C. local is not one I have been able to really consider yet.

Thinking about a scene such as the one that happened yesterday happening in my own home town makes me feel pretty uneasy. This is exactly how the people of Washington D.C. felt yesterday, as they watched a mob of protestors overrun the U.S. Capitol with little resistance from authorities.

To think about living an everyday life in a place like our nation's capitol, where all of the country's most important issues are dealt with on a daily basis, is a little bit stressful. I can only imagine the feelings rushing through Washington D.C. residents as yesterday's events unfolded.

I hope the best for the United States of America as we all move through this very difficult time in our country. I also hope the best for all of the residents of Washington D.C. who are disgusted with what happened in their own neighborhoods.

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