When your doctor genuinely cares about his patients! Dr.dalton @ shreveport location of elite family dentistry. Come see us.

Posted by Kelley Hauck Bonnette on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It doesn't get much more precious than this! Life is all about being happy and enjoying every moment...even during a dental checkup!

Meet my grandmother. She is 84 years young and still has the voice of an angel. For as long as I can remember, Granny (that's what I call her) has had a love for music that speaks for itself. As I grew up, she was always singing - such a happy soul.

Meet Dr. Dalton. Dr. Dalton is one of the wonderful dentists at Elite Family Dentistry in Shreveport. In his off time, I believe that Dr. Dalton enjoys singing, just like my grandmother.

Watch here as Granny and Dr. Dalton sing "Won't You Call Me Sweetheart," during a routine check-up in the office. I have to say that this it what it looks like when a doctor truly cares about his patients. This is definitely a video that I will cherish forever. Thank you Kelley at Elite Family Dentistry for capturing this moment.

And don't worry...my grandfather said that in a song is the only way that another man can call my grandmother 'sweetheart.' They are just too precious!


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