Anyone who's been through Jefferson, TX, knows about the town's historic HAUNTED Jefferson Hotel. The stories that come out of that place is stuff of legends. One person here at the radio station grew up in Jefferson, and she turns ghostly white anytime you bring it up.

[name redacted] says that she's experienced paranormal activity at the spooky hotel first-hand. She won't go into much detail about the experience, but she's obviously shaken up by it.

"Well, we're standing there talking and all of a sudden something growled."

Boy have we got another bone-chilling video for you, this one taken in the hallway at the Jefferson Hotel. The video was actually uploaded back in March of this year, but we only came across it this week.

In this particular video, shared on the hotel's official YouTube channel, there's a guest who was looking for her husband. In the video you can see her standing outside of her room and then as another couple walks by she reaches out to ask if they've seen her husband; and that's when you see them, all three of them, look down the hall, startled, and jump back in unison.

It was as if all three of them were moving out of the way from what they perceived to be someone or something trying to walk by, as you do, when someone tries to get past you. But, look, there's nothing there.

If you watch until the end the hotel manager points out a couple of what appears to be lights flying by the guests right before the spine-tingling "growl."

Suffice it to say that I will not be renting a room at the Historic Jefferson Hotel, ever.

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