Last night we watched the NCAA National Championship Basketball Game between University of Kentucky and Kansas University. It was set to be a great game, but what preceded the game is getting boos from across the internet. That is of course The Fray's performance of our National Anthem.

Sure their performance had a bit of folk rock to it with the drum and tambourine. The guitars were a nice touch too. But, honestly that's about where the good parts end.

I hate to point the finger at The Fray, because I really like them as a band. "How to Save a Life" is one of my favorite songs. Some singers are just not suited to sing our National Anthem. I have to really wag a finger at the committee that selected The Fray to perform our National Anthem.

It's no Roseanne Barr, but this should rank in the top 10 worst performances by a professional musical act.

Check out the performance for yourself and see if you don't agree.