A man who lost just about everything during Hurricane Harvey relocated to Longview, Texas with his wife and children. When Ryan Nichols saw that Hurricane Florence was going to displace many people in the Carolina's he made a call to a fellow Marine and asked him if they could go and help out the communities that would be affected by Hurricane Florence. When Ryan Nichols got a yes, he gathered supplies, got his boat connected to his truck and drove 18 hours through the night to get to the Carolina's.

A video of Ryan Nichols went viral after he helped rescue several hound dogs from a pin. The dogs barely had their heads above water. Luckily for those dogs, Ryan Nichols had heard dogs howling when he and a crew were out helping people stranded in a church. After they were done helping the people they started to search for the dogs in distress. Ryan Nichols was determined to find and rescue the dogs, and we love him for it! Ellen Degeneres saw the video of him and had to meet him. We are so happy she did. Through Ellen, the company Shutterfly donated $25,000 in Ryan Nichols name to the Humane Society. To top it off Ryan and his Marine partner are taking their families to Hawaii courtesy of Shutterfly! Ryan Nicholson is proof that the heart of the South is big and eager to help when disaster strikes. Thank you for all you do Ryan!

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