It literally looks like she's gliding.

I've watched this video over and over again and every time I see Sha'Carri Richardson breaking away from the pack it literally looks like her feet aren't even touching the ground. The LSU freshman broke the women's 100-meter collegiate record at the Division I NCAA Outdoor Championships on Saturday and you literally have to see it to believe it.

Actually, even after seeing it, it's hard to believe she was moving that fast. What's even more fascinating is that she broke an NCAA record that was set 30 years ago after celebrating early. Granted, it probably only costs her a couple of tenths of a second at most, when you're playing with speeds like this, every tenth of a second counts.

Some are saying Richardson has plenty of time to beat her own new record being that it's so early in her collegiate career. It should be noted that two records were broken with her 10.75 finish time—the world junior record and the NCAA record, which was ironically set by another LSU Tiger (sprinter Dawn Sowell) 30 years ago at 10.78.

Richardson has been very busy in the records department, with a 22.37 in the 200 meters in addition to her amazing 100m times making her the first U20 woman in world history to run the 100m in less than 11 seconds and the 200m in less than 23.4 in the same day.

Congrats to Sha'Carri! One more time—let's watch her hit the gas.

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