Why do an honest day's work when you can just take money from someone else?  Even when it requires just as much work as a real job?

Swindlers will go to almost any lengths to steal.  Some of their schemes can be quite elaborate like the ones you'll see on an episode of American Greed.  Others are much simpler and many times involve phone scams.  The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office (BPSO) is warning area residents of a new phone scam that involves perpetrators impersonating Sheriff's deputies.

These bottom-feeders are calling up people and informing them that there is a warrant out for their arrest.  The callers identify themselves with various names and have even used the names of actual deputies.  Some of the scammers' phone numbers originate from (318) 723-70xx or (318) 935-98xx.  The callers tell the person on the other end of the line that unless they immediately pay a fine by credit card or by putting money on a pre-paid card, they will go to jail.

BPSO says that it never asks for money over the phone, and that if you receive a call from one of these swindlers, ask for their name, where they're calling from, and then immediately report it.  If you're worried about any outstanding fees or fines, contact BPSO at (318) 965-3400 or go by the Bossier Parish Courthouse.


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