'This is why you come to LSU.'

The LSU Tigers football players got quite the surprise when they were introduced to their newly renovated locker room for the very first time. The cameras were rolling and the reaction was crazy.

The revamped locker room was only part of the $28 million renovations to the entire Football Operations Building.

One of the coolest things about the locker room renovations has to be the "beds" that come with each locker so the players can kick back after going hard on the field or just catch a nap between classes. In addition to the reclining lounge area, each locker comes with an iPad mount and charging station for players to study film.

This entire renovation was clearly done with the student-athletes in mind. Check out some of the photos of the revamped locker room via the LSU Football twitter account.

See more on the insane new LSU locker room here.

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