Mike Myers and Dana Carvey donned the torn jeans and crazy hair one more time in a Wayne's World sketch during the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special.

Wayne's World was one of SNL's most popular sketches in the '90s where Myers and Carvey played two rock-loving, babe-crazed best friends who can't seem to escape their youth. The recurring sketch became a hit with fans and spawned two theatrical films.

Despite the many years Myers and Carvey have been away from the show, the two didn't appear to miss a beat, as they slipped back into their characters with ease. Myers opened the sketch by strumming his guitar as Wayne Campbell, while Carvey airdrummed with enthusiasm as Wayne's friend, Garth.

Myers and Carvey brought up their Top 10 list, a recurring joke during the Wayne's World segments. But while past lists ranged from the hottest women to the best films, the 2015 Top 10 list paid tribute to the best of Saturday Night Live.

Myers and Carvey paid a heartfelt tribute to the crew of SNL and executive producer Lorne Michaels by adding them to the 'Top 10 Best Things About Saturday Night Live' list. While most of the show focused on the stars who made fans laugh over the 40 year history, Myers and Carvey acknowledged the people who make the show possible week over week.

But even during this nostalgic tribute, the two couldn't help but poke fun of the recent events surrounding Kanye West.

While talking about No. 6 on their list, the musical guests of Saturday Night Live, Myers said, "You know, we've had three Beatles, U2, Nirvana, Beyonce and even Beck."

Carvey added, "I think Beck was one of the best. Even better than Beyonce" to a crowd of laughter.

Myers then continued, "Which leads us to No. 5: 'Kanye, Sit Down!'" The two then jokingly addressed Kanye in the audience to stay in his seat, as they were the ones with the microphones on stage.

West, who seemed to take the joke in good spirits, was then shown on camera laughing at the swipe by the two comedians.

The joke is in reference to the 2015 Grammy Awards, which took place one week earlier on Feb. 8. After Beck was announced as the winner of the Album of the Year award, West jumped on stage and almost interrupted Beck's speech before he changed his mind and sat back down. West later went on to say that he thought that Beyonce deserved the award and should have won.

West performed a melody of 'Jesus Walks, 'Only One' and 'Wolves' earlier in the show's broadcast.

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