Louisiana is an amazing place, but when it comes to crime, we're not nearly as entertaining as Florida.

Over the last few weeks, the internet was buzzing with the Florida Man Challenge. The concept was simple: Just Google 'Florida Man' followed by your birthday and share the zaniest headline that pops up as a result.

My 'Florida Man' challenge yielded a story about a 'Florida Man' who exposed himself at multiple eateries as well as a link that described a paddleboarding 'Florida Man' who crashed into a live shark.

When we had the bright idea to try the same concept using 'Louisiana Man' the results were noticeably darker. Like, really dark.

We tried at least six different random birthdates and every result seemed more disturbing than the one before it. From murder and suicides to accidental drowning deaths and fatal car crashes, the results weren't entertaining, nor were they remotely as lighthearted as the 'Florida Man' results.

The technical reason behind this has a lot to do with the "open government laws" in Florida and this specific article does a great job on laying out three very good reasons why those "crazy" headlines seem to be exclusive to the Sunshine State.

Another logical reason is that Florida is simply wild as all get out when it comes to the things you do and maybe we just have it a little more together here in Louisiana. I have no scientific data to back that up nor do I mean any disrespect to Florida, but that's what I'm going with.

In conclusion, don't try the 'Louisiana Man' challenge unless you want to get super bummed out.

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