In just 10 days of release, Black Panther has already grossed $400 million in the U.S. alone. That makes it one of Marvel’s biggest hits ever in less than two weeks in theaters; it’s already the company’s fifth highest grossing film in the United States, and it'll push its way into third place before next weekend. At minimum, it’ll be the company’s second biggest domestic film ever when all is said and done. Full box office chart:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Black Panther$108,046,000 (-46%)$26,877$400,000,422
2Game Night$16,600,000$4,759$16,600,000
3Peter Rabbit$12,545,000 (-28%)$3,384$71,290,702
5Fifty Shades Freed$6,915,000 (-60%)$2,118$89,560,780
6Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle$5,650,000 (-28%)$2,243$387,284,215
7The 15:17 to Paris$3,600,000 (-52%)$1,308$32,257,752
8The Greatest Showman$3,400,000 (-32%)$2,124$160,766,870
9Every Day$3,103,996$1,862$3,103,996
10Early Man$1,700,000 (-46%)$682$6,779,422

Black Panther did drop about 46 percent from the previous weekend, but its $108 million three-day total was still the second biggest in history, behind just Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and ahead of The Avengers, still Marvel’s biggest hit ever, by about $5 million). It’s also the second-fastest film in history to $400 million domestic. The film has now grossed $704 million worldwide, which puts it at 10th all-time among the MCU. Looking down the line, it should easily get into the top five, but whether it gets past that (Captain America: Civil War, in fourth place, grossed $1.1 billion) will depend on how strong it keeps holding in theaters.

The distant second place on the chart this weekend went to Game Night, the new film from John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein about a group of friends who meet for game night and then have to solve a murder mystery. It grossed about $16.6 million in its opening weekend in theaters. It got strong reviews from critics but just a B+ CinemaScore; we’ll see what the word of mouth looks like next weekend. Clearly Peter Rabbit has good word of mouth (at least among those who don’t have serious food allergies); the film dropped just 28 percent in its second weekend in theaters and earned $12.5 million, good for third place.

Fourth place for the weekend went to Annihilation, Alex Garland’s ambition and surreal sci-fi film starring Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac. The film got a C Cinemascore (better than I expected frankly), and given the intensely weird and disturbing imagery in the film, $11 million as a debut seems not that bad to me, particularly since the film cost a reported $40 million and Paramount sold most of the international rights to Netflix. Somehow Fifty Shades Freed cost $15 million more to make than Annihilation; it came in fifth place last weekend and has now grossed $320 million worldwide. It will almost certainly be the lowest grossing film in that series both at home and abroad.

On a per-screen basis, it was still all about Black Panther; the film grossed a whopping $26,000 at each of its more than 4,000 theaters nationwide. The second-best average of the weekend went to the Chinese action film Operation Red SeaAnnihilation didn’t get completely annihilated though. Its $5,467 was the fourth-best average of the weekend.

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