This lightning strike was a little too close for comfort, in my opinion.

I love a good thunderstorm, but when it comes to severe weather, I am a bit of a baby. Once the flooding and tornado warnings come out, I'm pretty much in full survival mode. So this weekend, I guess you could say that I was a little bit edgy. You could have heard a prayer on my lips at any given moment.

I can guarantee I'm not filming this weather like this guy.

In this video, posted by, you can see the hail hammering the parking lot of a Walmart in Alexandria, Louisiana. The guy filming is Scott Lemoine, who posted the video to his Instagram. You can see a great flash of light and hear a loud crack before a rowdy "whoohoo" from Scott.

He's having fun. Meanwhile, I'm not even there and I'm running for cover.

You can see the video here, at They ran it back in slow motion so you can get a better view. Here is the original post from Scott on Instagram:


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