Amid increasing efforts to rebrand following its massive scandal, the Weinstein Company is scrubbing its logo from the home releases of three of its 2017 movies: animated ballet movie Leap!, the much delayed Tulip Fever, and its biggest release of the year to date, Wind River.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the logo is being removed to protect filmmakers who don’t want their work tainted by the news of multiple sexual harassment allegations leveled against former Weinstein chief Harvey Weinstein. His executive producing credits are being removed from all three films as well ahead of their home release. THR’s sources also say the company is considering removing TWC’s logo from past movies as well, though a decision on that probably won’s be made anytime soon.

Weinstein has been considering a name change since the scandal first broke, and while they haven’t announced anything definitive, they have said that whatever they pick will not be based on a family name. Though, if the company is broken up following a buyout from investors, a name change won’t be necessary.

TWC’s triple spotlight logo won’t feature on any of the awards screeners that will be sent out this season either. The company looks to be mostly sitting out the Oscar race, as it has removed its one big player, Industrial Revolution drama The Current War, from the 2017 schedule entirely. Amityville: Awakening will hit theaters for one day on Saturday and will not feature the TWC logo, though Bob Weinstein’s Dimension Films title card will stay.

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