It is embarrassing to admit I have not ventured out to see so many great local attractions in several years. But that's about to change.

American Rose Center
American Rose Center

When my kids were younger, we would get out and go see the local attractions quite often.  So my New Years' resolution is to visit one local landmark each month and tell you how cool they are.  But my problem is there are so many.  I have to pick my top 12 for 2019 so I'll have one each month.  For places like the Rose Center, I want to visit it during peak rose season.  I'm trying to map out my year.

Here's the list of places I'm considering right now. Which ones should I defintely visit?

Spring Street Museum

State Exhibit Museum

Norton Art Gallery

American Rose Center

Shreveport Aquarium

Sci Port

Folk Art Museum

Shreveport Waterworks Museum

Meadows Museum of Art

Southern University Museum of Art

8th Air Force Museum

Vivian Railroad Station Museum

Louisiana State Oil & Gas Museum

Walter Jacobs Nature Park

Shreveport Railroad Museum

Pioneer Heritage Center

Red River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center - Free Admission

Cypress Black Bayou


Louisiana State Oil and Gas Museum

East Bank Gallery

Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

Am I missing a spot you think I should visit?  Please let me know and it might make the cut.


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