It hasn't happened here in the Ark-La-Tex yet. And maybe it never will. However, if you lived in Chicago, you would have to deal with the possibility of sex education as your child enters Kindergarten.

According to KWEF -TV, CPS has decided that it is a good idea to expose kids younger than the current 5th grade to sex education. Younger, as in age 5, or Kindergarten.

If a parent doesn't want to their child(ren) exposed to the new CPS curriculum they will allow the kids of opt out. However, CPS is assuring parents that the studies will conform to each age group. According to WKEF-TV:

For example, kindergartners through third graders will learn about their anatomy, all living things that reproduce, and appropriate and inappropriate touching. While fourth graders will focus on puberty and HIV/AIDS. It's not until after fifth grade that teachers will lead discussions about human reproduction, contraception and abstinence.

So how did this "lowering of the bar" come about? According to the school system, the the proposed policy follows the "national sexuality education standards" put together by four (unnamed) health organizations.