So Robert pulled the trigger and will be buying that vintage baseball glove he had as a child. It brought me back to one of my favorite childhood memories.


I'm one of 6 children (all the others are boys) and on Christmas morning, our living room often looked like a men's locker room. There would be boy stuff everywhere. My brothers would get new footballs, basketballs, and army men. Don't get me wrong, I always got some great gifts from Santa Claus and my parents. But when there are 5 boys in the family, all that stuff seems to overshadow your new items.


But one Christmas morning when I was 5, I walk out into our living room and look toward the Christmas tree and see a mountain of gifts and then I spy something pink behind a chair near the tree. I race over to it to find my wish come true. It was a massive Barbie Dream House. Santa couldn't wrap it because it was too big. I immediately told my brothers "I've been good this year".  It had all the accessories including pots and pans, kitchen appliances and so much more. I think I grinned for 2 solid weeks discovering every little detail about that beautiful pink structure.


I really don't know what happened to my dream home. I haven't seen it since I was about 12 or 13. I think it got put up in the attic of the family home after I stopped playing with it because it took up too much space in my room. When my Mom moved into her new home about 20 years ago, we had a pretty good sized garage sale at the old house. My dream house was not among the items we sold. So I guess my parents tossed it out or gave it away during one of their attic cleaning sessions over the years.