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In November of 2007, 13 years ago this month, Miley Cyrus brought her alter ego Hannah Montana to Bossier City for a massive event. But it wasn't just Hannah Montana that Miley brought along. She also had a couple controversies following her.

The tour was the "Best of Both Worlds" tour, which featured music from both Hannah Montana, as well as Miley Cyrus. Joining the tour was a group of guys who were going to blow up just as big as Miley did, the Jonas Brothers.

With that much star power, you can understand why this was a big deal.

The Thursday November 15th show was being held at the CenturyTel Center in Bossier City. Like every show on the tour, tickets sold out incredibly fast for the show, even to the point where extra seats, behind the stage, were opened up for the event. Which we'll talk about more in a second.

The whole thing was a financial success, across all of North America. But that doesn't mean the tour didn't generate controversies. In fact, two of them were already brewing by the time Miley hit Bossier City. One of the controversies even involved investigations into possible illegal activity.

The first controversy, and the most serious, involved the sell outs of the shows. The "Best of Both World" tour dates had been selling out in a matter of minutes across the country. Which apparently caught some people by surprise. That included multiple government probes into ticket scalping operations. The Attorneys General in both Arkansas and Missouri started investigating how the tickets were selling out so fast. The claims that started to come to light during this era have been pursued since, and appear to have some strong evidence now.

But in 2007, the controversy was hot, and the Bossier City show was often singled out in coverage for the price of the tickets here. Because some were selling for over $1,700 on the secondary market.

The other controversy that Miley brought to Bossier City involved a body double.

During the tour, Miley Cyrus would change outfits, morphing between Hannah Montana (her fictional TV counterpart) and herself. But that transition took time backstage. However it didn't appear to on stage.

That's because there was a choreographed sequence where the real Miley would disappear through a trap door on the stage to begin changing, while a backup "body double" would appear to continue the show. The changeover took 1-2 minutes, and Miley would reappear on stage and continue the show. But this upset some fans.

Even though the "body double" would only perform quick dance routines while the Jonas Brothers performed, some people who caught onto the change were genuinely upset. Maybe it was because they regretted spending $1,700 per ticket for the show.

At the time, the controversy was covered by major news outlets, like CBS News and NBC, not just your Perez Hilton type blogs (which were pretty big at the time).

Since 2007, Miley's controversies have gotten substantially juicier, but involved much less "Bossier City". But we'll always be able to fondly look back on 2007, and remember her more "wholesome" controversies she shared with our area.

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